Privacy Policy

Protection of the privacy of our customers is important to us. The extent that there are legal or other rules regarding privacy, we will respect and follow.

How we go with information?
The information that is collected is used to process orders and to make your future shopping experience even more enjoyable If necessary, we may use your information to get in touch with you Your IP address can be used to collect general demographic information, so that it is possible to define a profile of visitors, and to evaluate the use of the site. This information will help us in the further development of this site, for example in the field of design and layout.
Your personal information may be requested by you and be changed or removed if necessary.
The information we collect is used for clearly identified purposes. Information is kept confidential. Personal data will not be provided to third parties.

What data?
A Touch of Green limited to recording of the data which are necessary for the completion of the order and the communication with you as a buyer.
Unless you have given your express permission to do so A Touch of Green, will not use the information for promotional activities and the data are not made available to third parties, except to the extent that it is obliged to do so under statutory regulation

A Touch of Green responsible for a reasonable extent and form of security as defined in the Data Protection Act all data sets that may contain personal information.

Who have access to the data?
Access to the records, only those persons who are appointed for this purpose within the scope of their assigned tasks. A Touch of Green

Your rights in respect of the registration
You can by means of a written request, which includes, name, address, e-mail address, get access to the recorded data. We may refuse argued the inspection if we or any third party be harmed by inspection disproportionately in their interests. As registered is notified of this decision within one month after receipt of the request for access, by e-mail.

How can I remove my details from the database?
Personal data can be deleted from the database if:
• the data turns out to be incorrect;
• the registration of the data does not serve the purpose of the registration.
Send an email to [email protected] with a request to remove your information from our database. You will then receive a confirmation from us.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer. A Touch of Green uses cookies to recognize you on your next visit. Cookies enable us to collect information about the use of our services and to improve and adapt to the needs of our visitors. Our cookies provide information related to personal identification. You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies while shopping at A Touch of Green.